Masters of

Thanks to our passion for engineering, knowledge and experience, we are able to carry out projects of an unprecedented complexity.


More than half of our production is of innovative, prototypic structures. We are masters at it, gaining recognition from clients all over the world. Ensuring the success of our partners is our aim.

We have built the reputation of ZUPBADURA on the trust of business partners in our skills. Our quality management system and international certificates confirm our competencies.


At ZUPBADURA, we manufacture steel structures, machines and equipment for the international oil, shipbuilding, energy and other markets.

ZUPBADURA has 3 modern production halls with the height of 15 m and total area of 15 000 m2. Each of the halls is divided into 2 aisles and equipped with  cranes with a capacity of 60 t.

In ZUPBADURA, we apply our own design skills and technology for fabricating the products we make, as well as carry out orders according to the entrusted documentation.


OFFSHORE – We make machines and equipment for offshore oil platforms.

MARITIME INDUSTRY – We manufacture cranes for ships, decompression chambers and winches.

SUBSEA – We are a reliable contractor for equipment operating in difficult underwater conditions.

AQUACULTURE – We produce equipment for offshore wind farms and for the aquaculture market.

ENERGY – We design and fabricate heat exchangers, condensers and turbine parts to meet the needs of our partners.

We exist to develop
a global industry.

We are professional, experienced and friendly partners at every stage of cooperation. Thanks to this, our Clients can be sure that they have made the best choice when choosing ZUPBADURA.

We respect human rights, ensure organisational order, provide excellent safe working conditions, as well as outstanding partner relations between managerial staff and employees.

Caring for the environment is what defines us. We maintain low energy consumption in the production process, we minimize waste. We are socially committed, and we support regional sports and education initiatives. We make sure that our employees have the opportunity to enhance their skills and qualifications.

We feel responsible for sustainable economic development.

Production quality.

The highest quality of items manufactured by ZUPBADURA is our priority, that is why we carry out each stage of production with due care.

We perform NDT – non-destructive tests, such as: VT – visual tests; PT – penetration tests; MT – magnetic-powder tests; UT – ultrasonic tests, and Radiography tests. All tests are carried out by Level 2 and Level 3 inspectors. In order to guarantee the highest quality of painting, our company provides supervision by way of our own Frosio certified inspectors. We also use 3D lasers and measuring arms to measure all assemblies. This ensures the perfect realization of machines for our partners. The machines and devices made in ZUPBADURA are inspected and checked in our Test Centre. This is equipped with a special stand for testing cranes.

ZUPBADURA implements projects and develops the company in cooperation with the
European Union.


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